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You wrote a great book. Friends and family enjoyed it. Now it's time to put it out there in the world. I will design for you a sizzling cover that will make people want to know more.

If your book cover doesn't grab them, they will move on to the next book.

The stark truth is, no matter how well you crafted your novel or how well your non-fiction book is written, if people aren't intrigued by your cover, you are not going to sell to anyone outside your friends, family, and possibly neighbors.


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I'm MJ Albert and I am both a writer and a book marketing expert. I have helped my clients become Amazon Best Selling Authors through a step by step process that works. A process that starts with the book's cover.

After being downsized at 50, then disabled at 60 I decided to pursue what I loved. Stories! I've always loved writing and decided to make my living somehow in the world of books.


I wrote stories. I published a children's book by going through a 'for hire' publisher. I spent thousands of dollars. Some of that went into getting involved with the publisher's market experts. They told me to contact book stores and beef up my social media presence.

I wrote to all my friends and family. I advertised. I searched the internet for ways to market my book.

I sold less than 20 copies. Clearly, I was doing something wrong.

So I did some more searching, more research and I found a program that worked. Cara Stein taught me a simple process to market my books.

She taught me how to market a book to become an Amazon Best Seller in six weeks.

Since then, I've helped several clients get their books into the Top 10 in at least one Amazon category. Not only that, but most saw their books reach #1 in more than one category!

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Family, Friends and Faith is a collection of inspirational stories. We went #1 in 9 different categories!

Fight On" is the WWII and Cold War memoirs of John "Jack" Hubbard. An amazing individual and his book is well worth reading. We were able to achieve #1 status in four different categories and Top 10 in six more.

Village at the Crossing is my upcoming Epic Fantasy adventure. I put it here because, well, I'm darn proud of it! I think the cover is going to get a lot clicks. (I'll let you know).

I had varying degrees of involvement in the design of all three covers. with F,F&F the author gave me a general idea and left the rest up to my team and I. For Fight on! I gave my thoughts and ideas and the editor/author hired her own designer. And, of course, VATC was all mine. I directed the creation of it.

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Another cover I was involved with (book written by Jack's brother George) and a project we helped reach #1 New Release status.

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Covers I helped designed from the Jimmy Eagleson series.

What my clients say

"Mark showed himself to be dedicated and thorough. When something was confusing, he clarified the processes and worked hard to get my book promoted. I was so pleased with the result that I have hired him for my next project, an anthology of true vignettes of early Utah and the Mormons (Old West) by my father George Hubbard."

- Elizabeth Hubbard editor and co-author of Fight On! The WWII and Cold War Experiences of Lt. Commander John R. "Jack" Hubbard

"Thanks for everything Mark"

- Rev. Mark Hecht author of Family, Friends and Faith: Lessons I have learned

"...fabulous guide to making a book appealing so people will buy it. I'm glad I've enlisted your help to get mine polished."

- Jill Armijo author of Home of the Unknown Soldier: How Coming Back Became the Other Ultimate Sacrifice

"You are the best!"

- Thomas Wideman author of Welfare Cheese to Fine Caviar: How to Achieve Your Dreams Despite Your Upbringing

"This looks great. Thank you again!"

- Jeff Delbel author of The Jimmy Eagleson series


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Where do you get a great cover?

You can pay a professional service $500 to $1,000. You can search online for a 'do it yourself' book cover and save a lot of money but will you get a cover that people will want to click on?

Your cover is your first engagement with your readers. If it entices them to know more, they will investigate further. If they aren't inspired by your cover, most likely they won't go any further and will move on to find another book.

It is too important to trust to someone who is not professional.

What We Offer

- Compare: We will find top selling books in your area or genre so you can get some idea of what sells.

- We will find the heart of your story and create instructions for the artist.

- If you are not 100% satisfied, we will offer you Two revisions: You can give us areas that need to be tweaked or we can start from scratch. Included in the package, you will have two opportunities to make changes!

-BookBub Ad: BookBub is the major player in book advertising. Buying ad space from them is a must if you want a bestseller. We will include one art design you can use in your BookBub ads.

- A coupon code good for a ten percent discount on our Best Seller Book Promotion service! When you are ready to market your book we walk you through a personalized step by step process to put your book in the Top 100 Best Sellers on Amazon!

All this for less than what a Book Designer would charge you for just the cover! All 6 items for only $350!

We are a small company but growing. A book cover alone would cost you around $500 to $1,000 but if you act soon you can have a professional cover that sizzles plus a lot more.

So You Get:

-Comparisons: The covers of top sellers in the same field/genre as your book to compare.

- We will take the heart of your story and turn it into a sizzling cover that buyers will have to click on to find out more about your book.

- We will make sure the cover meets your full approval with

- Up to two revisions, so we make sure we get it right!

- A BookBub Ad

- Ten percent off a Best Seller Book Promotion.

- If you buy now I will throw in my book "Best Seller Book Promotion - Sales Copy". A 'how-to' book on creating a sizzling book description that will get readers to hit the 'Buy Now' button.

My Guarantee to YOU

If I don't deliver a cover that you gets you excited I will revise it until it's right! If you still aren't satisfied you have up to 60 days to request your money back no questions asked!

ACT NOW and get this entire package for just $350!



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